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In stock: Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Go Green, buy local!

Please call us with any questions - (503) 760-1598

Family owned and operated since 1988.

Buying factory direct from us will save you money!
RV's, Boats, Yacht's, Trailer's, Antique frame's, and even Round Beds.

Bedtime Builds them all!
Bedtime Mattress Company
7353 SE 92nd Ave. Portland, OR 97266
(503) 760-1598
Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM
Saturday 10AM - 2PM
7353 SE 92nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 760-1598
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Portland Mattress Provider
Custom Mattresses
Standard and Custom Sizes Made to Order!

We sell Dreams in all Shapes & Sizes
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Custom Portland Mattress Selection

We’re pleased to launch our brand-new website, where you can learn more about our products, or just see what makes our company stand out locally.

Feel free to click the Contact Us tab at the top. From there, you can send us an email to request more information and get directions to our store.

Remember that, while we may not be as big as our conglomerate competitors, we’re dedicated to a personal level of service and product customization unparalleled in the business. We are a place where the owner has over 35 years of experience custom manufacturing beds for every possible type of application. That sets us apart in the industry and gives us the unique ability to provide you with exactly what you want, whether you're looking for the highest-quality custom mattresses, RV mattresses or any other product that we offer.

Please call us with any questions - (503) 760-1598

When you can have the perfect Portland mattress that has been carefully handcrafted at our very own factory, why settle for anything less? At Bedtime Mattress Co., we'll help you enjoy a luxurious sleeping experience without charging top dollar. By manufacturing our own products, we offer factory-direct savings while ensuring each of our products meets highest standards of quality. Ready to find your dream mattress? Visit or contact us to learn more about our outstanding products and services.

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