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Maintain your Mattress

Protect Your Investment
By taking a little extra care of your bed in your waking hours, you can be confident that your bed will continue to take care of you while you sleep.

Mattress Protection
We strongly recommend the use of a good quality cotton-faced mattress protector under your bed linen to avoid stains and to promote hygiene.

Turning and Rotating Your Mattress
The majority of mattresses are upholstered with fillings on both sides hence require a Seasonal Turn. Turning the mattress over and rotating end-to-end periodically will allow even settlement on both sides of the mattress. It is recommended to turn and rotate your mattress once a week during the first 3 months and quarterly thereafter with the Seasons. In the case of No Turn mattresses it is sufficient to simply rotate the mattress seasonally to ensure equal wear and tear.  The foundation should be rotated end-to-end every six months. A mattress can be heavy, so seek assistance when turning and rotating your mattress. 

Airing Out Your Mattress
Give your mattress a good airing on a daily or weekly basis - simply leave the bed linen turned back for a few hours each time and allow air to circulate around and through your mattress for maximum freshness.

Clean your bed every other month with a soft brush to keep it clear of dust. You may use a vacuum cleaner but do not  push on the materials as this may unduly disturb the upholstery fillings.Treat stains and spills immediately using dry towels or paper towels. Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners unless absolutely necessary as this will bleach or disintegrate the fabric.

Handling Your Mattress 
Never attempt to fold or roll your mattress, even for a short period of time.  Your mattress is designed and constructed for use only in a flat position.  The exceptions are sofa bed mattresses and adjustable bed mattresses - please always store your mattress in a flat position.

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